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Notes for Toppers
  • We do not pre-make or store any toppers. Once you place and confirm your order, we make/customise them per your requirements.
  • They do require approximately 3 to 4 days from order date for them to be made (longer for 3D toppers), and be ready for collection/postage. Advance notice is always appreciated. However, if you do require something urgently, give us a call. Depending on our availability and the complexity of your required design, we might still be able to help.
  • If you have a design or theme for a topper in mind that you can’t see in our current range of toppers, please contact us with your query/requirements. Where possible, we would be delighted to work with you to customise a design just for you (do note please that any design made by us will remain our copyright property to be used in future however we deem fit).
  • Colour variations are possible for most toppers, please enquire if you have specific requirements.
  • Unless otherwise specified in our listing, order confirmation, or invoice, all our toppers are made with commercial ready-to-roll 'sugar fondant' which makes them completely safe to be in direct contact with food. In some 3D designs where there is a need to use additional 'reinforcements' to hold the design together, we will, as much as possible, use uncooked spaghetti (especially in toppers for children) so we can ensure the toppers are free from any sharp objects which may hurt children. Certain topper designs may require the use of other 'reinforcements' such as toothpicks, skewers, etc, and we will inform you to ensure you are aware of such usage.
  • For those who would like toppers attached to wires for a 'starburst' effect, we are happy to oblige. Please contact us with your requirements. When requested, we can supply our wired toppers attached to a food-safe holder that can be inserted into your cake. For your own safety and peace of mind, please note that most food safety regulations advise that wires should not be inserted directly into cakes.

Price Guide
Prices for customised 3D figurines/toppers are not always noted in the catalogue as they are subject to the size and complexity of your chosen design. Below is a rough guide to what you can expect to pay for 3D figurines/toppers made from fondant/gumpaste (and where necessary, from rice crispy treats for larger figurines). Most 3D figurines will have inedible internal structure.
  • small animal figurines - from A$40 each
  • adult people figurines - from A$80 each
  • child/baby figurines - from A$70 each
  • transportation figurines (ie, cars, planes, etc) - from A$80 each